Speed social science fiction using Twitter

We are going to write a social science fiction story using Twitter.  Please tweet the next lines of one of the following stories  — @socialscificfac is our handle.  We will update the story as often as we can.  We will select our estimate of the best tweet continuations we have received — but we can be overruled if a particular tweet has been re-tweeted a gazillion times….

If you start this and find that you do not want to wait for the crowd-developed story to emerge, then please write the whole story and submit it to:


Here goes!

Story 1:  The story is called #hopeunderthebed

Here is the first line:

I stuffed the loan payment overdue notice into the box containing the folder with the “diploma released when payment received” document.

Story 2:  #ifnofirejustfireanyhow

In 3 days Cal lost his male cousin, his cop brother, and his teacher sister.   They died because even when we only think we see fire  —  we fight it with fire.