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Bread and Boards is a non-profit organization that is developing as a result of a response to the story “How Things Look from Down Here” by A. Byer.

Bread and Boards is an intense neighborhood family university.  It is a place where everyone in the family can learn advanced material that can be recognized by major universities.  It is a place to get entrepreneurial with your neighbors.  It is a place for children to learn material so advanced that it is not yet taught in schools.  It is a place to break bread and a place to play games.  It is a place where neighbors help each other launch dreams.

Get certificates in Data Science from John’s Hopkins or in Cryptography from Stanford or Coding from Duke through Coursera. Some of the learning is perfectly free and some can cost about $49 per course. Children can learn to understand and build a computer and software using ideas that will put them at the head of any class. When your own head needs a break there are games and food.

You don’t need Bread and Boards to do any of the learning, but Bread and Boards can help you and members of your family succeed. We are your study group center, neighborhood restaurant, and game night — we bring structure, expertise, and friendship.

There is nothing you cannot learn.  Forget about whatever limitations you might believe you had.  It is time to take a fresh look at what you can do. Were you awful at math in school?  Who cares now.  The math you were doing then is nothing like the math you need to be doing now.  You will find that you have a great time learning stuff you used to hate.

This is a place where, if you put in the work, you can learn what you want to learn.  We will help structure study groups and can provide some tutoring to fill in missing background.  We will help you work on what you need to work on so you can succeed at the courses you want to take.  We will never do your work for you, but we will make sure that the courses you take work for you.

You can do this!!  Copy the following into an email and fill it out with your information.  Send the email to:

Bread and Boards will tell you where the nearest center is to where you live or, if you like, it can provide the material to help you lead one in your neighborhood.




Name: ______________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

Telephone: _____________________________ Email: ______________________

You can answer the next questions without a computer, but you will answer them best if you go to a computer and Google the word “Coursera.” The Coursera site will show you the certificates you can get in business, data science, computer science and even graphic design and English as a second language! These courses can earn you certificates from the top universities in the world — for example, Stanford, Duke, and University of Michigan. Courses typically take about a month to complete and if you complete them on time it will only cost you between $49 or $79. Fill out the following to have us help you set up your Bread and Boards groups!   Bread and Boards will host study groups, provide food, the occasional tutor, have games and special advanced learning for children everyone in the family. It is THE destination for a fun and profitable Saturday night.

I am interested in getting a certificate from a major US university in (check all that apply).

___ Business [Management, Finance, etc.]   ___ Data Science       ___Programming

___ Graphic Design     ___Cyber Security    ____Creative Writing     ___ Science

___ Health Sciences     ___Cryptography     ___ Cognitive Science

___ English for non-native speakers

Other interests:_______________________________________________________________

I would like to find out about the Bread and Boards learning demonstration?     ___ YES                                      ___ NO

If there is no BREAD AND BOARDS near me, I would like to start one.  Please send me the BREAD AND BOARDS starter kit.

___ YES                                      ___ NO